Business Description

Exactus is a publicly traded life science company based in Richmond, Virginia that is developing for commercialization point-of-care (POC) diagnostics for measuring proteolytic enzymes in the blood. We anticipate our lead product, the FibriLyzer™, will provide a simple and affordable means to assess the fibrinolytic status of patients in a broad range of applications and that the use of the FibriLyzer™ could provide the basis for improved management of patients who are at-risk of hemorrhage, speeding treatment decisions and potentially improving patient outcomes and saving money.

Our second product candidate, the MatriLyzer™, may be used to detect the recurrence of cancer, and can be used as an at-home monitoring device or during routine office visits. The appearance of elevated levels of collagenase, the enzyme that degrades collagen, have been proven to be an early hallmark of cancer. The MatriLyzer™ is expected to communicate directly with the attending oncologist via a smart phone application to ensure that (i) the tests are being used properly and (ii) when collagenase levels are elevated signaling the need for the patient to have a more thorough examination.

Company Info

4870 Sadler Rd. Suite 300
Glen Allen, VA 23060

(804) 205-5036

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Medical Diagnostics & Research

Diagnostic Imaging Centers (621512)

Medical Laboratories (8071)